Stats without three games of the mid-set. Number of aces, double faults & break points are valid for the entire contest.
Points won by each set: [ 33-23, “28-35”?, 30-18 ]

Huge relief for Edberg [3]. Even though he was much more successful than Krickstein [8], he trailed 0-3 in their H2H rivalry, losing all three matches in dramatic circumstances. It seemed that another painful defeat was in the process. Having a break point for a 4:2 lead in the 2nd set, he gave his all to break the American winning a 32-stroke rally in which he played as many as 4 shots unusual for himself (two moon-lobs, double handed backhand & dive-volley which finished the job). The Swede was exhausted after the one-minute point, first he needed another minute to stand up, then five games (!) to regulate his breathing. Perhaps Krickstein believed too early in another complicated win over his Swedish opponent. He’d won 19 out of 23 points when missed an easy forehand passing-shot to open the decider with a break. Edberg survived the game withstanding a double break point, came back to his normal self, and from 2-all he won quite easily the last four games completely rewriting the story of his meetings against Krickstein.

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