Miami – semifinals

2nd semifinal:

(2)Andy Murray d. (8)Richard Gasquet    6-7(3), 6-1, 6-2    [1:59 h]

murray_miami13sfMurray’s first match this year in Miami in night session… He is a slow-starter, especially against players who don’t get too many cheap points thanks to serves. He had begun with a *0:3 deficit when figured out which tactics should have been applied, and dominated since then. However, leading *5:4 (30/15) made two casual errors and a double fault. In the tie-break Gasquet won two crucial points at the net: first at *4:3 with a phenomenal backhand half-volley followed by a lunge forehand volley. It didn’t allow him to get the momentum, the match lost its intensity from the end of the 1st set and another two sets lasted as long as the first one; Murray was hitting strong forehands mixing up with penetrating lobs, forcing the Frenchman to constant running which found consequences in some problems with his right ankle. “The first set was a tough one to lose, because I obviously served for the set. Then at the end of the set, you look up at the stats and I had hit over 20 winners and lost the set,” said Murray. “So I realized I had to cut out the unforced errors. I did a good job of that.”

Match stats (total points: 92-66):
Murray: 14 service, 6 aces, 20 FH, 4 BH, 3 volleys, 2 lobs, 1 overhead, 1 dropshot
Gasquet: 8 service, 2 aces, 4 FH, 5 BH, 6 volleys, 3 overheads
Murray: 5 double faults, 15 FH, 16 BH, 1 volley
Gasquet: 5 double faults, 20 FH, 11 BH, 3 volleys, 2 overheads
Break point conversions & Challenges:
Murray: 7/8 (eight games), 0/1
Gasquet: 3/3 (three games), 0/2

1st semifinal:

(3)David Ferrer d. (15)Tommy Haas    4-6, 6-2, 6-3    [2:02 h]

ferrer_miami13sfIn terms of the scoreline it was a similar match to Ferrer’s quarterfinal win over Melzer. The Spaniard was again 2:5* down in the 1st set (having lost 12 points in a row!), then cut it to 4:5, but Haas served out to ‘love’ on his second chance. Through the 1st set and a half of the 2nd, Haas was nearly flawless on forehand. Errors crept into his game though, and some nervousness as well. He looked tired at the beginning of the decider, regardless of that he built a 3:1* lead. Ferrer didn’t panic, he has made so many great comebacks in his career that a 2-game deficit in the final set doesn’t interrupt his mental focus at all. He managed to keep his stable level consistently running his backhand around while Haas collapsed physically and the last five games went to the Spaniard, who celebrated on knees his advancement to a fifth different Masters 1000 final. “I tried to fight every point,” said Ferrer. “I knew Tommy, in the third set, he was a little bit more tired than me. I knew that. But when I started the third set, I served very badly. But anyway, I tried to forget and to play, focus every point.”

Match stats (total points: 89-78):
Ferrer: 15 service, 7 aces, 13 FH, 0 BH, 2 volleys, 3 overheads
Haas: 21 service, 1 ace, 5 FH, 10 BH, 2 volleys, 3 overheads, 1 dropshot
Ferrer: 5 double faults, 24 FH, 6 BH
Haas: 6 double faults, 18 FH, 20 BH, 5 volleys
Break point conversions & Challenges:
Ferrer: 6/10 (six games), 1/4
Haas: 4/9 (four games), 1/5
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