Points won by each set: [ 29-20, 30-24 ]
Points won directly on serve:
5 % Arrese – 3 of 55
6 % Borg – 3 of 48

Borg, the best player of the 70s, decided to return on the tour not playing any tournament in the years 1985-90, and having played just three in the years 1982-84, so basically he wanted to revive his career after a nine-year break! More wrinkles on his face, but he actually looked the same and had the same demeanour as in 1981 when stopped regularly playing. The most bizarre was the fact he wanted to continue his career with a wooden racquet while all professional players were using aluminium or graphite rackets since the mid 80s. Arrese [52] brutally verified the equipment difference, his basic tennis was enough to control the match throughout despite some nerves facing the legend he had been admiring as a teenager in the late 70s. “It’s definitely because I didn’t play a match for eight years,” said the 34-year-old Borg. “He was playing good, solid tennis from the baseline and I was a bit unsure what to do with the ball.” Borg wanted to continue the following year, and unfortunately he lost all his twelve matches after the comeback in the years 1991-93.

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