Points won by each set: [ 34-37, 29-13, 32-29 ]
Points won directly behind the serve:
28 % Agassi – 26 of 92
13 % Schuettler – 13 of 82

The 27-year-old German [6] reached his physical & psychological limits with the 1st set of that semifinal. After four seasons of being a solid Top 50’er, as someone who should be happy as a seeded player in Grand Slams, Schuettler stunned the tennis world in 2003 experiencing amazing year which put him a set away from the season ending final! A lot of effort to keep the body in the best possible shape, and a lot of mental effort throughout almost every match he played, finally took its toll as he won the opener improving his ’03 record of sets that reached 5-all to 38-15 (19-6 in tie-breaks!) which was astonishing because his serve couldn’t be considered as a serious weapon… There was symbolic moment in the 1st game of the 2nd set – directly after the serve on game point he lost the contact with his racquet due to excessive sweating to be broken for the first time – later on he lost seven consecutive games (!), then improved from 0:2 to 3:2* (deuce), but succumbed three straight games again, and the match after 2 hours 8 minutes… he was never the same afterwards. Agassi [5] meanwhile, paid the price for playing four three-set matches in a row, and was destroyed in the final by the raising Federer.

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