61% stats (13 of 21 games). Number of aces, double faults & break points are correct for the entire contest.

Three “head to heads” of powerful serve-and-volleyers: Sampras vs Ivanisevic 12-6, Ivanisevic vs Krajicek 9-3, Krajicek vs Sampras 6-4.
There’s no logic in it. Making a boxing parallel, there are three different basic styles (out-fighter, swarmer, brawler) and a concept “styles make fights” which tells that in the “rock-paper-scissors” scenario:
out-fighter > brawler
brawler > swarmer
swarmer > out-fighter

Making an analogy, it’d be easy to explain those H2Hs if Sampras was an out-fighter, Ivanisevic a brawler and Krajicek a swarmer. But it wasn’t like this, they were all “swarmers” sticking to the boxing terms. Their matches always depended on lone break points and tie-breaks; so if Sampras had usually been better in tight situations than Ivanisevic, and the Croat had been better than Krajicek, Sampras would (and should) have been better than the Dutchman… but he was not. After the Key Biscayne meeting, Krajicek led 6:2 in their confrontations. Early on he broke Sampras thrice (!), but the American broke back trailing 1:2 in the 2nd set, and led 4:1*, 5:4 in the tie-break. He saved a match point with a risky volley, but missed his another volley and Krajicek converted the second match point (8/6 TB) with a firm FH volley.

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