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  1. Voo de Mar says:
    Points won by each set: | 33-38, 27-13, 27-18 |
    Points won directly behind the serve:
    24 % Lendl – 20 of 81
    17 % Becker – 13 of 75

    The first (of 21) match between the two titans of tennis: 25-year-old Lendl [2] and 7 years younger Becker [10]. In the mid 80s Lendl established himself as the best player while Becker seemed to be his successor. For the teenage German it was the first tournament following his triumph at Wimbledon. Becker had also won Queens Club, so he was on a 16-match winning streak. He won the 1st set playing patiently from the back of the court (green clay), he changed his tactics in the two following sets attacking the net more often, but it’s tough to say that it caused his defeat. “The first set I played good tennis,” Becker said. “I played a little worse in the second and third, but he played at the same level. I’m still a human being and I have to lose some days. Lendl plays at a different level than anyone I’ve played. He made maybe five mistakes.” Lendl stated: “He surprised me. I didn’t know what to do at first. I thought I could stay in and handle his serve, but that didn’t work. I discovered that was the way to handle the serve,” [about moving farther back behind the base line, standing some 20 feet away to take the serve] “I wanted to try to break his pace and go all the way back, and he didn’t know what to do.”… In the final Lendl defeated Gomez 6-1, 6-3.

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