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  1. Voo de Mar says:
    1 hour 54 minutes… Points won by each set: | 31-26, 29-14, 38-33 |
    Points won directly behind the serve: 29% Wilander – 23 of 77… 13% Krishnan – 13 of 94

    1 hour 43 minutes… Points won by each set: | 34-20, 31-18, 26-9 |
    Points won directly behind the serve: 21% Jarryd – 12 of 57… 18% Amritraj – 15 of 81

    The Swedes had such a strong team in the mid 80s, they could beat India everywhere, on every surface, but as a host in the final, they chose clay to minimize Indian’s potential. The second best in the world Edberg became only a non-playing member of the team; better clay-courters Wilander [3] & Jarryd [15] were designated to singles, and Nystrom to doubles. And the outcome was overwhelming for the Indians, the scorelines more one-sided than in any other Open Era final (may be compared only to the 1979 final when USA destroyed Italy). The 34-year-old playing captain V.Amritraj [221] & his nine years younger compatriot Krishnan [58], with their old-fashioned styles, simply couldn’t compete on equal terms against much fitter Swedes. Especially V.Amritraj’s second serve & movement were way too slow on the slow surface… “It feels a little bit special to have clinched,” said Wilander after doubles. “I’ve only done it once before, but that was an early round against New Zealand four years ago.” V.Amritraj said it really didn’t matter who was playing doubles for the Swedes (Wilander/Nystrom replaced Edberg/Jarryd). “We knew we were going to play a very tough doubles team, whoever it was. But I think we had a good chance in the early stages of the third set if we could have stayed with them.” The Indians advanced to the Davis Cup ’87 final winning all ties on grass: the first two at home in New Delhi (Argentina, Israel), then they stunned Australia in Melbourne.

    SWEDEN d. INDIA 5-0 in The Scandinavium, Gothenburg, Sweden: Clay (Indoor)
    Mats Wilander (SWE) d. Ramesh Krishnan (IND) 6-4, 6-1, 6-3
    Anders Jarryd (SWE) d. Vijay Amritraj (IND) 6-3, 6-3, 6-1
    Joakim Nystrom / Mats Wilander (SWE) d. Anad Amritraj / Vijay Amritraj (IND) 6-2, 3-6, 6-1, 6-2
    Anders Jarryd (SWE) d. Ramesh Krishnan (IND) 6-4, 6-3
    Mats Wilander (SWE) d. Vijay Amritraj (IND) 6-2, 6-0

    From left: Wilander, Nystrom, Olsson (captain), Jarryd & Edberg

  2. MultiStar83 says:
    This is nice. Could you also make some pictures of other Davis Cup finals? For example 1988 or 1989 Germany vs. Sweden or 1996 Sweden vs. France? Would be greatly appreciated.
    • Voo de Mar says:
      With pleasure… I thought about adding Pioline-Edberg ’96 next month & Becker-Edberg ’89 in December/January. I suppose Becker-Agassi ’89 will be also added next year. Unfortunately I haven’t got any rubber of the 1988 final & still no video of that tie on YouTube (I’d prefer Steeb-Wilander because there’s no match of Steeb on my site). I’d love to make a picture of Goellner-Fromberg or Stich-Fromberg ’93 because Fromberg deserves to be included to at least one picture.
      • MultiStar83 says:
        Okay, thanks a lot! I have the mentioned Steeb-Wilander match on dvd (Davis Cup final 1988 in Gothenburg/Sweden). I know exactly what you will ask, but I do not really know how to upload it on youtube…It does not seem to be that easy to me.
        • Voo de Mar says:
          Actually it’s very simple. First you need to create your YouTube account. Once it is done, in the right top corner of your YT account you’ve got “Upload” button. And then it’s only a matter of your Internet connection how quickly a file will be uploaded. I guess it will take some time to upload a long match like Steeb-Wilander for instance, perhaps a few hours, so you need to stay patient. Once the file is uploaded you have to check whether it’s ‘public’, ‘unlisted’ or ‘private’. If ‘public’, then everyone can watch it on YT :)

          • MultiStar83 says:
            Okay, then I will try to upload it in the next days. Probably the following weekend…
            • Voo de Mar says:
              It’d be great. I think I would make a Steeb-Wilander pic within two days since you will have uploaded it.
              • MultiStar83 says:
                My problem with the uploading is that Youtube does not support or accept the file type of my tennis dvd. So I should convert it to a file type which is accepted first of all. But actually I do not know how to do it or if this could damage my dvd?! Do you have any advice?
                • Voo de Mar says:
                  Hmmm. First of all you should copy the file from your DVD and paste it to your PC, and then try to upload it on YT. I suppose there are free programs on the Internet to converting the files from one format to another (I’ve never done this).
                  • MultiStar83 says:
                    Okay, thanks! I found a free program for converting file types and it has worked. I am now uploading a short part of the match (Wilander vs. Steeb 1988), which is around 12 minutes. This already takes some time on my PC…But I think it should be ready in an hour at the latest. Then you should find it on Youtube under the channel name “Reiner Zufall”. If this should have worked, I probably will not upload another part of that match. But I have numerous other matches on dvd. Maybe I will upload the beginning of the match Becker vs. Gilbert US Open 1987 4th round this evening. Of that match I do not have the 5th set, which was won by Gilbert easily 6:1.
                    • Voo de Mar says:
                      There are many Reiner Zufalls on YT, but I found it 😉 Nice quality. If you don’t want to upload the video because it goes too slow, please send it on my e-mail address. A few months ago I sent to someone Borg-Lendl (Basel) via mail and it didn’t last too long. I’ve got about 100 matches on DVD so maybe I’d send you some match as well
  3. MultiStar83 says:
    Ok, I think I could try to send it to your e-mail address. So I should convert it first and then send it to you as an e-mail attachment? Or is converting not necessary? Oh, that would be great. Do you happen to have the famous Lendl-Chang match (Roland Garros 1989) completely? I only have the sets 3-5 of that match on VHS-video-tape and in a poor quality…P.S.: If you are also interested in football (soccer), I am just uploading a legendary Champions League match: Werder Bremen vs. RSC Anderlecht from 1993…
    • Voo de Mar says:
      I have no idea in which file you’ve got it, so perhaps would be better if you converted it before sending as an attachment.
      Of Lendl-Chang ’89 I have unfortunately only 5th set (in German commentary). I liked Werder in the mid 90s so maybe I’ll watch that match… I remember I enjoyed watching Basler & Herzog then.

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