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  1. Voo de Mar says:
    Points won by each set: | 35-40, 46-44, 46-42 |
    Points won directly behind the serve:
    37 % Edberg – 49 of 132
    42 % Sampras – 51 of 121

    2 hours 40 minutes during night session. Number of points obtained directly behind the serve indicates it was an encounter much more dependable on that particular shot than their four minutes shorter meeting at the Australian Open, earlier the same year when also two tie-breaks were required… Sampras led 4:1* (deuce) in the 2nd set, at 4:3 he squandered four mini-match points. Sampras wasn’t closer to win it than three points away in both sets he lost – Edberg served three times to stay in the match, every time holding quite comfortably.

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