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  1. Voo de Mar says:
    Stats of the first two sets included: number of aces, double faults & break points correct for the entire contest

    Points won by each set: | 26-36, 56-56, 25-20 |

    It was an extraordinary match given the 2nd set especially. They have faced each other six times, Nadal won five times easily, and if he had converted one of his opportunities at the beginning of the 2nd set, the scoreline would have probably be very similar to all his wins over Garcia-Lopez [53]. The underdog withstood 16 break points (7-3-6!) in his first three service games of the 2nd set: he trailed 0/40 in the first two, at 2:3 he survived the longest, 8-deuce game. Later on he was 4:5 (15/30) and 5:6 (30-all) before winning the tie-break 7/3. “I’ve never beaten a world number one before, this was the best match of my career,” Garcia-Lopez told reporters. “For the moment, I’m shocked. He had so many chances to break me but I stayed in the match. I played really, really good. Everything was moving so fast. I knew that if I thought about beating Rafa, I’d have a problem so I tried not to think about it.” In the 3rd set GGL obtained the crucial break to lead 3:1, apart from that game he actually had no chance to break Nadal [1] in all other 13 service games of the great champion.

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