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  1. Voo de Mar says:
    Points won by each set: | 29-21, 33-23, 32-25 |
    Points won directly on serve:
    30 % Sampras – 26 of 85
    21 % Courier – 17 of 78

    An emphatic 2-hour 2-minute display of Sampras [1] who snapped [3] Courier’s 18-match winning streak in Melbourne! Sampras denied break points at 1:2 & 3:4 in the 3rd set breaking at 2:1 in the opener and 4-all in the two following sets. Someone described Sampras’ performance as “tennis of the 21st Century”. With that victory Sampras actually stipulated his dominance in the 90s; no doubt left that everything what Courier could do well, Sampras could simply do much better. The serve marked the biggest difference, there was a period over the last two sets when Sampras quite effortlessly won 20 points in a row on serve!

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